The True Meaning Of Karma - Explaining The True Meaning Of Karma

This book deals with the importance of maintaining balance in every area of life. Balance is the thing that Karma is based around. If something negative occurs in your life this is not a mistake. If something good occurs in your life is not just a good break. All this means is that for every action there is a reaction. If you send out positive thoughts into the universe, only positive thoughts will return to you, and if you send out negative thoughts into the world, I think you get the point. That's why I've chosen the title "The True Meaning Of Karma." If we don't have that balance, Karma will continue doing what it does, however I want to stress one important thing, Karma works both ways. In other words when your life is balanced, Karma is stiil at work. It automatically directs positive people, things and situations into your life. You might feel you are fortunate or just plain lucky because your life is going so well, but you probally aren't aware of the fact that your Karma is very positive. Karma  means balance and balance is the key to life. This book will be available through as an audio book soon. I will keep you posted.