The Foot Note Series - Inspirational Audio Books

I've created a series of short booklets entitled The Foot Note Series. I've written over 40 titles. Each title consists of uplifting themes dealing with metaphysical, spiritual and inspirational messages. Because the content of each book is  relatively short, I've chosen to personally narrate each title as opposed to presenting them in print. There are 7 titles on the first audio book. Each title ranges any where from 6 to 10 minutes of listenning time. I began studying metaphysics at an early age and became really interested in what I was experiencing. Initially I approached this new way of life with some doubt and skepticism, but I forged ahead hoping to find something that was missing through religion alone. Fortunately after several years of soul searching, what I found was an amazing world of Real Joy and Enlightenment. After many years of studying and applying the philosophy of metaphysics, I've decided to share some of my positive experiences with others by writing a few short messages. In other words this is merely an attempt to appeal, connect and awaken the inner essence of the soul. The foot Note Series is my way of sharing a few inspiring thoughts and messages with others who might be looking for something that transcends materialism and goes way beyond the density of this physical reality we live in.  I'm starting out with 6 titles on this particular book, but I plan to display many more inspiring titles. I hope you enjoy The Foot Note Series.  If you'd like to  purchase or just listen to the titles, just click on the "Audio" button on the upper left side of this page and listen to each track individually. You can download one or two tracks or purchase the entire CD.