Instant Karma - Short Stories/Screenplay Form

Instant Karma is a series of short books written in screenplay form. The reason I've chosen to write them in this form is to give the reader an opportunity to actually become each character by instilling his or her own impression of what they think each character really should be. Instant Karma shows in story form how karma works in our everyday life. Karma isn't a punishment but merely an attempt by The Universe to bring balance back into a situation that has gone out of balance. Each story shows that every action we take in life triggers another reaction. If the action is a negative or a bad intentioned action, the results will come back as a negative situation in your life because nature goes immediately into over drive to bring balance back. If you are a bit confused or have doubts about what Karma really means, I suggest you check out my book "The True Meaning Of Karma." This book goes into detail how Karma works on every level of life. "The True Meaning Of Karma" will be available soon as an audio book along with Instant Karma as well. I hope to have them both up and running along with several other titles. I will keep you posted on the release dates so you can immediately download them to any device you may own. These books will be available through Thanks for checking them out. In the mean time if you like inspirational uplifting messages, you can click the Audio button in the upper left hand section of this page and check out my audio book The Foot Note Series. I truly hope these books will be uplifting  and inspirational to you and your loved ones.