The Foot Note Series Music, Vol. 2

by Eddie Reddick

Released 2015
Released 2015
This CD is a compilation of Inspirational Music from the Foot Note Series Video Books. The Foot note Series is series of books written with the sole intention of opening up our minds to the connection we have to the spirit world
Each song on this CD was inspired from one of my books in The Foot Note Series Video Books. I strongly suggest you check out a video book first then immediately listen to the song that was inspired from the message of that particular book to get the full effect of the message. Each book and its related song is very complimentary of one another. You might miss something in the book but after listening to a couple of the lyrics of the song, this might connect the dots if you over looked a few of them. As an example the song "I Am Ego" was inspired from my video book Selfish By Nature. The song "Another Perspective" was inspired from The Spiritual Flip Flop Theory. And of course the song "Karma You Know It Is" was inspired by the video book Karma. So you see the two projects go hand in hand even though they can stand on their own. You might choose to listen to the CD individually or view the video books individually and the message is still there. I hope this project will inspire a few individuals to get a clearer knowledge of what Spirituality really means in the overall scheme of things. We are all spiritual beings first and foremost and that's the bottom line to the messages I'm trying to convey through my books and my music. Before ending these album notes I would like to take the time to pair each book with its accomodating song in case you might want to listen to them in sequence. 1.The song Explanation Of Spirituality goes with the Video Book Explanation Of Spirituality.} 2.The song Karma goes with the Video Book Karma} 3. The song Truth Misunderstood goes with the Video Book Truth Misunderstood} 4. The song I Am Ego goes with the Video book Selfish By Nature} 5. The song Another Perspective goes with the Video Book The Spiritual Flip Flop Theory} 6. The song What Is Illusion goes with the Video Book What Is Illusion} 7. The song Are You Tone Deaf goes with the Video Book Tone Deaf} 8. The song Whateve goes with the Video Book Whatever. I hope you take the time to check out this project of Love Light and Inspiration. Peace and love and may God bless you. Thank you.