The Foot Note Series Audio, Vol. 2

by Eddie Reddick

Released 2015
Released 2015
A spiritually inspired audio book filled withstrong positve uplifting messages designed to resonate directly to the soul.
This Audio Book is the audio version and the extension of my Video Book entitled The Foot Note Series, Volume 2. The only difference between the two is, with the Video Book you hear the audio while seeing the words on screen simultaneously, accompanied by back ground original music.This Audio Book is just another facet to the project. There are 4 facets to this project which consists of "A Video Book", "An Audio Book" "A Music CD", and the 4th facet consists of a "Lyrics Video" for the Music CD. In an attempt to reiterate a bit more in detail,This particular CD is The Audio Book which consist's of Spoken Words and original background music. The Video Book, which can be viewed on my website or youtube, consists of Spoken Words and background music with words displayed on screen while being spoken. Then there is the Music CD which consists of 8 individual original songs inspired by each book, and finally The Lyrics Video for the Music CD. Each facet of this project was disigned to create a positive flow of energy and informative messages to enhance spiritual growth and enlightenment. If you choose to, you can watch The Video Book and read along or just listen, or If you choose not to watch the video version, you can listen to the Audio Version with closed eyes and with an open mind. And lastly you can just listen to the Music CD filled with inspiring music, or you can sing along with the Video Lyrics to the CD. Just remember it doesn't matter which facet you choose, the information and the inspiration are still the same. My Video Book was designed to compliment and promote the Audio Book and The Music CD. The Audio Book and The Music CD to this project are available for download, while The Video Book can only be viewed on my site or on youtube. I truly hope this project will in some way inspire you and many others to choose the spiritual path in life whcih can only lead to spiritual enlightenment. Just remember love is the reason we were all created and the primary reason we are here. The world needs a spiritual awakening. It's time to get back on track. In closing I would like to say I am not a Psychic, Preacher, Prophet or Guru, but I do feel some of the information in my little books is just one small step towards something that's bigger than all of us. (Peace To The World)