The Foot Note Series

by Eddie Reddick

Released 2014
Released 2014
An amazing audio book consisting of several titles filled with positive, uplifting and metaphysical messages.
The Foot Note Series is a collection of booklets written by Eddie Reddick, a musician/song writer who has been performing and recording with various artists in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Each booklet deals with subjects of a spiritual nature. Eddie has been a student of metaphysics for many years. He started out reading books by Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce, Wayne Dyer, Ruth Montgomery, Carlos Casteneda, Alice Bailey and many other influential enlightened individuals. After many years of studying the concepts conveyed in these books he developed a broader view and a clearer meaning of the terms, Universal Love and Universal Laws. Eddie began writing songs at a very early age. As a result of this process he is no stranger to writing meaningful words and putting them in song form. The Foot Note Series is an extension of this process. Now he's putting meanigful words in book form. The Foot Note Series started out as notes on napkins for Eddie. After several years of jotting down many thoughts on napkins and single pieces of papers, he eventually decided to organize the thoughts by putting them together by category. Some of the ideas ended up becoming simple poems, while many of the ideas turned into short stories or just inspirational sayings. After accumulating hundreds of ideas, which turned into hours of material, Eddie decided that he wanted to put these writings into some kind of a book form. He eventually compiled a collection of small booklets with all of his random writings and called them The Foot Note Series because they were short and simple, more like foot notes on a page. After a few years of self printing, self publishing, and self distributing his booklets to local book stores, Eddie became a bit disillusioned by the tidious process of doing all the leg work. Without a major book company to do all these things it was almost futile trying to keep up with the cost of production. Then all of a sudden things took a change for the better. The book industry moved into a new and different format through E-books, Audio books and other means of publishing and downloading individual writings directly on line. The Foot Note Series fits perfectly into this new genre. That is why Eddie is presenting his books and ideas to you through this format. The Foot Note Series audio books is simply an attempt at promoting the concept that we are all connected by one common thread, and that thread is the God Source. This powerful source is embedded within every thing that exists in the universe. It's important as humans to realize life is what we make it. We create our own lives through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. That's why it is vitally important to stay grounded in our spiritual awareness. Check out The Foot Note Series to learn more about your true essence as the powerful spiritual being you are, as opposed to the limited physical being you think you are. Enjoy this journey we call life by accepting love as the primary reason everything exists.
The Foot Note Series: Audio Books By Eddie Reddick