all basses covered

by eddie reddick

Released 2005
burbon street records
Released 2005
burbon street records
'All Basses Covered' is a blend of 'old school' and 'new technology' brought together in an attempt to create a solid flow of Funky but Rhythmic grooves.
Eddie Reddick, native of New Orleans, Louisiana has been living/ working in the Los Angeles area as a studio musician for over thirty years and have recorded with many artists, some wich have included:
- Chaka Khan
- Billy Cobham
- Wayne Henderson
- Steve Oliver
- Will Donato
- Rogerio Jardim
- Jeff Kashiwa

Now Eddie has brought all these years of experience to his first solo record, entitled 'All Basses Covered', featuring his talents as a vocalist, song writer, producer, and bass player.